Teaching Classical Art Since 1993

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"Sofia's is an excellent place to take art classes! They really helped me with my portfolio and gave me that one on one time I needed to excel at a quick pace. I loved their drawing and figure drawing classes especially. Because of their help, I was accepted to all of the art schools I applied to: Parsons, SCAD, CCAD, and FIT. Definitely recommend taking classes there- wish I had started sooner!

Haley G.

Main Program

We offer individually-based classes for children and adults

Sofia Art Academy's program is very unique. It's based on traditional teaching methods of European special art schools for kids, colleges with BFA and universities with MFA programs, all in one. Just like in traditional, nineteen-century's art ateliers, we offer the opportunity to study classical drawing and painting techniques with master artists. Our program developed to enable students to gradually build very strong fundamentals in academic style, from beginner to professional level.

Sofia Art Academy offers four-level program for different age categories:

Kids - ages 5-9
Kids to Teens - ages 9-13
Teens to Adult - ages 13 and Up

Short description of levels:

Beginning level

Constructive drawing and painting of simple objects and forms, sculptures, and still lifes. Introduction of composition (Creative imagination).

Second level

Constructive drawing and painting of complex objects and forms, sculptures, and still lifes. Basics of composition (Creative imagination).

Third level

Constructive drawing of features of the face, hand, foot, skull and head constructions. Painting of complex still lifes.
Development of composition (Creative imagination).

Fourth level

Constructive drawing of human muscle anatomy, head, torso and full figure. Life models portrait and figure drawing and painting.
Advance composition (Creative imagination).

After completing all four levels students enter

Master's levels 1, 2 and 3

Advance figure drawing and painting. Study and development of figurative and stylized compositions.