Teaching Classical Art Since 1993

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"The friendliness of everyone, the relaxed atmosphere, and the passion for both learning and teaching of art at the studio is something that has made it one of my favorite places to be. I know that even after I get a degree in painting and drawing from the University of North Texas, I will still tell anyone who asks where I learned art, "I learned at Sofia Art Academy!"

Jason Delezen

About Sofia Art Academy

Teaching classical art classes since 1993

Founded in 1993 in Dallas, Texas, with a branch in Miami, Florida (2012), Sofia Art Academy become the first traditional classical private art school in the USA with the program that provides such a strong foundation for any art student that lasts a lifetime! For these many years Sofia Art Academy delivers top professional level painting classes, drawing lessons and art portfolio preparation for kids and adults.

Sofia Art Academy is well recognized within best college circles as a provider of students highly trained in classical style. Our students art portfolio win scholarships!

Sofia Art Academy is a classical-style private art school, that gives a great opportunity to study fundamentals in classical drawing, painting and composition. A series of tasks (cast drawing, cast painting, drawing and painting from still lifes and live models) are done through levels by a student. Students must complete each task to the instructor's satisfaction before progressing to the next. As students acquire each skill with strong emphasis placed on accurate observation and construction of proportion, shape, tonal value and color, new and more challenging projects are assigned. This system is referred to as "academic training with systematic progression" or "systematic teaching and learning."

History of Sofia Art Academy

Dr. Sofia Khunteyev left Moscow in 1991 at the height of her career development; she was a well recognized and commercially successful artist. It was a very difficult decision to immigrate to the US, but the communist system forced Sofia’s family to move. One of the many amazing things about Khunteyev family is that they were able to return to their creative art work in a new country. There are countless examples when talented immigrants are force to develop new skills and completely change their occupation. Following very difficult early years in the US, Khunteyevs were able to return to their true passion art. Even more, they opened a traditional, classical-style art school.

Sofia Art Academy was founded in 1993 by Dr. Sofia Khunteyev and her son Igor Khunteyev, MFA. Using their many years of teaching classical art in the USSR and experience teaching art classes in private schools in USA, such as: Akiba Academy, Winston School, White Montessori School, Sofia and Igor developed a very unique and powerful program for art instructions.

These two accomplished artists created an art school so unique that no other exists in the US. The real key to success of Sofia Art Academy is a tailored approach based on age, skill level and personal ability. Each student is viewed as a unique individual with his or hers own talents, needs and desires. Another part of art instruction emphasis is based on the timeless framework of European art ateliers where students working side by side with accomplished masters.

Our Mission Statement

Using the proven, timeless tradition of the art world’s training ground the old European art atelier, Sofia’s classically trained master-artists employ the academy’s own successful version of this historical methodology, carefully endowing every art-loving student and providing with the ability to achieve a soul-satisfying level of classical performance; imparting the serious student with the wings to achieve their individual potential in any area of artistic expression. This is Sofia Art Academy's priceless contribution to our communities and our culture.